Suggestions for sensible government

Have you ever wondered why our government seems to do everything the hard way, or why it takes years or even decades to bring common sense to the governance of our country?

This website is a platform to air a number of suggestions that could easily be implemented by local and national government, in order to spend our tax euros to better effect. It attempts to break through the group-think mentality that creates stagnation and hampers progress, a situation where the same people make the same mistakes year on year by failing to look outside their own small circle for ideas and inspiration.

If you have a comment, or an idea that you think is relevant, feel free to contact us at

As this is a voluntary initiative, we may not have the time to reply to all emails, but we will note the contents and good solid ideas may feature at a future date in these pages. is a voluntary initiative that has no connection with any political, religious or other grouping.